Accident & Sickness Insurance


Ever been driving or exercising or just whiling away a few hours and suddenly your thoughts take you off what you are doing and you drift into a completely different place? It happens a lot when we are trying to get to sleep! there it is – a real jolt of realisation.

Sometimes it’s more profound, like when we are faced with a real issue or problem or when a situation occurs with a family member or when a work colleague comes into the office and starts talking about a situation that has happened to them or someone they know of over the weekend.

Then it happens again, that thought, “ohhh hope this never happens to me or what would I do in that situation”….

You know the feeling, we have all had it… It is a shame but we tend to ignore that feeling.

Most people start looking into Accident & Sickness Protection after the event. After the accident or illness occurs, we hear it all the time, “I’m just enquiring today as I broke my ankle last week or I’ve been signed 8 weeks off work and want to make sure that once I am back in work I am covered in case this happens again….” or they have been prompted by a real situation, something that you can individually relate to. Something that really makes you stop and think, “However this can be too late as the Accident & Sickness has already happened and you cannot get insured while you have been signed off due to the Accident or Sickness.

This really isn’t smart….

Accident & Sickness Insurance allows you to provide yourself with a safety net, it will provide   tax free payments to you either weekly, fortnightly or monthly right from the being signed off    work for 3 days until your 70th Birthday.

There is a whole range of products and options to choose from but the basics are – if you have an accident or if you are sick and signed off work by your GP, the plan will pay your chosen benefit amount whilst you recover.

This will keep your bills paid and the food on the table. Regardless of whether you are single, married, have kids, have a mortgage or rent to pay, Employed or Self Employed , Employed – it really doesn’t matter for the pressures of not getting your income is the same… The bills will keep coming in no matter what your circumstances are.

Time to start thinking about you, as unfortunately no-one else will. So get in front and take notice of those little moments when you have that jolt of realisation or that friend or family member tells you about what disaster happened to them last week and how they are going to struggle to meet the monthly living costs.

For once take notice of the signs, get smart and get in front. We assure you that you will find the monthly cost surprisingly inexpensive, for the price of a small coffee each day you can insure yourself for a minimum £1000.00 per month.

Better than a poke in the eye with a stick, as the saying goes!

It doesn’t matter what job you do or where you work, abroad or in the UK, on scaffolding or underground, whether you are a smoker or not, or you suffer with medical issues – we have insurers who will cover you even if you cannot provide evidence of your income then we can still help.

The options are endless, what you do need is someone to take you through the information, take you through your options and solve the many different individual circumstances that we all have by finding the plan the meets your requirements and your budget.

That someone is Best Builders Insurance, it’s what we specialise in, its what we are passionate about….