Double Glazers


As a self employed Double Glazer working most on heights, have you ever asked yourself what will happen to you and your family in the unfortunate event that you are unable to work because of an accident or long term illness.

As a Double Glazer apart from working with brittle items like glass, working on heights, your job also involves driving day in and day out to place of work, different sites, building sites, and office blocks. Working at heights or on scaffolding or ladders, you do not need the dangers pointed out to you as you are working with them everyday. 

If up until this point you have never had an issue such as accident or sickness, you are one of the few lucky ones.. better late than never for there there is always the first time.

You do not need to long out of work for the financial repercussions to start taking their toll.

The monthly outgoings still need to be met from somewhere, whether those outgoings are work related or personal someone needs paying or the children if you have them need this or that. It doesn’t stop, never….unfortunately.

Sometimes you have to take stock and regardless of whether things are going well or going bad it doesn’t matter, if business is good the more reason to put some money aside for the unseen circumstance and if the business is not doing so well then it’s just as important as if anything happens whilst profits are down then being out of work will impact farther and deeper.

It is in the main from the customers that we speak to the small issues which knock you off balance, the broken ankle or wrist, something that could be easily avoided but wasn’t.

Income protection will give you a weekly or monthly amount until you have recovered and fit to work. It is so flexible so any situation in the main can be covered.Day 1 covers i.e. cover for loss of income from the the first day will ensure that you literally have no loss of income. 

Regardless of the type of employment – employed, self-employed, or zero hour contracts, we will be able to find a policy that best suits your situation. You also do not have to worry for not being able to provide income verification, or that you have just started and been working only for a week, have medical conditions, work abroad a lot, work at heights, work underground the list is endless and YES there is a solution for them all.

Did you realise most people start looking for Income Protection after the injury or illness, the usual conversation goes a little like this…

Oh dear, how long are you signed off work for?

6 weeks, could be 8

Do you have Income Protection?

No what’s that?

Ohh, I got mine ages ago, it covers you for any loss of Income for as long as you are out of work, it only cost me £25.00 per month,

Really, I didn’t know I could get it!!

Then the phone rings, this really shouldn’t be how you find out about Income Protection.

Here is the good part, Best Insurance is a specialist in Income Protection, it’s what we do, like you are a Double Glazer and you give the very best service day in day out, so do we.

It’s not worth procrastinating… all it takes is a quick phone call or submit the short application form and we will contact you and do the rest for you.