As a self employed electrician or as an employee – have you ever asked yourself what will happen to you and your family if you have one unfortunate event and you are unable to work because of an accident or long term illness.

If you are a Qualified Electrician you are used to being busy, very busy. Working day in day out flat out to get the job done and then move onto the next.

Sometimes working on Building Sites, sometimes in peoples homes – small or large. Working on offices or office blocks. You may even work offshore or abroad quite a lot.

Everyday is a potential risk, let’s face it most people will try their hand at building or DIY at home or in the office but not many have the knowledge or courage to touch the electrics.

With all the different types of potential hazards and working in hazardous environments that work on a daily basis, you would assume the first thing you would have thought of when starting your   own business or your new job was making sure you are covered if you have Accident or Sickness.

However our research shows that a huge proportion of skilled workforce and individuals have either no cover in place and in some instances relying on the wrong type.

it’s very difficult to find a logical answer to why this is the case – high risk environment, high risk daily job tasks but no protection or cover in place, doesn’t really add up – does it?

Especially when the cost of cover can be as low as a £1.00 per day for a £1000.00 of monthly tax free income.

This is realistic it’s not scaremongering or trying to frighten you into purchasing the horror stories are out there I am sure you have heard more than us over the years.

It is quite possible that you are so busy working that each day just drifts into the next and you have not had the chance to focus on these necessities. Prudence is to prioritise on such back-ups, spend an hour or so of quality time to make sure you are not caught by the nasty surprises of accidents or sicknesses.

Making sure you have something in place is very important in today’s climate, you know how long ittakes to get an appointment with your GP let alone a consultant at the hospital.

If you have an income protection cover in place, at least some money will be coming in whilst you are waiting or recovering. If you don't have such a cover, where is that money going to come from - family, friends, savings, credit cards….? 

None of them are favourable, getting in debt to cover time lost through accident or sickness will annoy you for a very long time after.

The sensible thing to do is start the discussing your income cover requirement with a qualified advisor and check if it falls within your weekly or monthly budget.

If you think rationally about it there really isn’t any logical answer to not having some income protection cover in place however small or large, something is better than nothing.

Income Protection is so flexible that any situation can be covered. You also have the option of choosing covers that will pay you from Day 1 of being unable to work and signed off by your GP. If you are self-employed and do not have proof of income – not to worry, we have specialist covers that will cover you inspite of not having a provable income.

Best Insurance is a specialist in Income Protection, it’s what we do day in and day out.

After all it’s your decision to make, just make the right one….

And that is exactly what Best Insurance will help you do….

Get smart and get ahead, start the process now.