As a plasterer committed and passionate about your work, Have you ever paused and asked yourself what will happen to you and your family in the unfortunate event that you are unable to work because of an accident or long term illness.

If you are a skilled plaster no doubt are you will always be on call, there is always another job to do. But what would happen if you couldn’t work either physically or mentally, something that wasn’t a serious illness but nevertheless something that stopped you working.

It is quite possible that you could get around a few days but if it was any longer, what would youdo? You could pass part of the work to a colleague or friend who would cover you on those jobs butyou wouldn’t want to keep taking on new work to give away!

If the injury or Accident was serious enough to keep you out of work for a long period of time,   then what would you do for Income.

There are many horror stories about injuries or accidents that happen in the work place, however in our experience these are few and far between.

Most claims come from unforeseen smaller problems – the shoulder strain, the back pull from standing up incorrectly when you have been bent down for a long period of time. The unsuspecting viral flu that keeps you away from work for a few weeks. Whilst not life threatening, the fact you cannot work can impact you severely both financially and emotionally. It is bound to put a strain on you, so why not get ahead of the curve get smart and get yourself covered.

Unfortunately some people tend to procrastinate and end up injured or ill, and then start looking at buying Income Protection. It is too late by then as most insurers will not cover you when you are either in work or if its a pre-existing condition.

Income Protection is so flexible, that any situation of loss of income due to sickness or accidentcan be covered. The policies offer benefits such as cover from Day 1, self employed, Zero hour    contracts, not being able to provide income verification, only been working a week, have medical  conditions, work abroad a lot, work at heights, work underground the list is endless and YES thereis a solution for them all.

Best Insurance is a specialist in Income Protection, it’s what we do. We understand the needs of plasterers, self employed professionals and understand that you can be busy working long hours. Our long opening hours and highly trained team of advisors means that you will get the best products and service from us.