As a self employed plumber or employee of a small or large plumbing business, have you ever asked yourself what will happen to you and your family in the unfortunate event that you are unable to work because of an accident or long term illness?

If you are a qualified plumber – you will be used to being busy, very busy. It is highly likely, you are working every day and most weekends, there is little time to stop. It’s even hard getting away on holiday as the weeks before are so rushed trying to squeeze in all the last minute jobs and then when you return it’s playing catch up on the workload.

Sometimes you think when you are elbow deep was the holiday worth it?… Of course it was… – is the correct answer!

You need the breaks and the time out but you also need the money, that keeps the lifestyle flowing. The work isn’t the problem, I’m sure you have more work than you can handle, after all there is always someone that needs a last minute job done.

What would happen if you couldn’t work either physically or mentally, something that wasn’t a     serious illness but nevertheless something that stopped you working.

whilst I am sure you could get around a few days if it was longer then what would you do? 

Where is the money going to come from to keep the bills paid, keep the food on the table, keep thekids happy (if you have them) and keep the home running? The last thing anyone wants is to be ill and on top of that stress, have all the financial stresses from keeping the home functioning      normally. This certainly does not help the recovery process and may even force you back at work   when you shouldn’t have.

You don’t need us to detail the horror stories, you probably have seen & heard more than your fair share over the years. However it’s the silly injuries that generally catch us out, the trip up the kerb that results in a broken ankle or the fall when playing with the kids that rips a tendon in your wrist.

Whilst not life threatening, it still impacts severely – both financially and emotionally. It definitely puts a strain on you, so why not get ahead of the curve get smart and get yourself covered.

Most people only start looking for Income Protection after the event, once an injury has occurred, but then it’s too late and you can only cover yourself going forward, once you are back in work. That’s certainly not smart.

For most of us it doesn’t take long of being out of work before the pinch starts.

The cost is in relative terms for a good quality income insurance is inexpensive, sometimes less than a bottle of water or a coffee per day.

If you think rationally, there really isn’t any logical answer to not having some income insurance cover in place, however small or large the benefit amount is – something is better than nothing.

Income Protection is so flexible that any situation that results in loss of income due to accidentor sickness can be covered. Regardless of whether you are self employed, on zero hour contracts ora full time employee - there is a solution for all scenarios. 

Here is the good part, Best Insurance specialises in income protection insurance, it’s what we do, and give the very best of service possible – day in day out.

After all it’s your decision to get quotes, compare and buy a suitable income insurance is yours to make, just make the right one….

And that is exactly what Best Insurance will help you do….

Get smart and get ahead, start the process now.