As a self employed Roofer or an employee of a small or large Roofing Business have you ever asked yourself what will happen to you and your family in the unfortunate event that you are unable to work because of an accident or long term illness.

You may say ‘it can never happen to me. I’m as fit as a fiddle’ – and the next thing you know you are laid low because accidents and sometimes quite severe illnesses happen to even the fittest of persons – quite without warning.

It is very difficult for me to actually find anyway to convince you as a Roofer to actually not have Income Protection.

Why would you not….

Of all the trades that come under the building and construction sector, Structural Engineers, Surveyors, Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Double Glazers, Scaffolders Painters and Decorators, Plasterers and Builders then without doubt a Roofer must be deemed as the most hazardous.

Working at Heights, not only at Height but on a Pitched roof…working with Bitumen, Gas bottles… well it doesnt need much more explaining.

The risks are high, why on earth if you haven’t got some in place don’t you immediately.

So what does it do for you?

In simple terms, if you have an Accident in work or out of work where ever you are or if you are sick and unable to work then Income Protection will pay you a weekly or monthly amount for a minimum of 6 months or until age 70.

Income Protection is so flexible that any situation in the main can be covered, cover from Day 1, self employed, Zero hour contracts, not being able to provide income verification, only been working a week, have medical conditions, work abroad a lot, work at heights, work underground the list is endless and YES there is a solution for them all.

Why put yourself at the extra risk of not being able to provide the household with some income.

As mentioned earlier If you think rationally about it there really isn’t any logical answer to not having some cover in place however small or large, something is better than nothing.

Most people only start looking for Income Protection after the event, once an injury has occurred, then it’s too late and you can only cover yourself going forward, once you are back in work.

That’s really not smart,

For most of us it doesn’t take long of being out of work before the pinch starts.

Best Insurance is a specialist in Income Protection, it’s what we do, like you are a Roofer and you give the very best service day in day out, so do we.

We do care, we will go that extra mile, we have the product knowledge, the experience to solve the issues, the confidence to be straight with you at every stage.

Someone that wont unlike others just sell for the sake of selling, if it’s not right we will tell you.

After all it’s your decision to make, just make the right one….

And that is exactly what Best Insurance will help you do….

Get smart and get ahead, start the process now and get yourself covered.