As a self employed Surveyor or an employee of a small or large Business have you ever asked yourself what will happen to you and your family in the unfortunate event that you are unable to work because of an accident or long term illness.

You may say ‘it can never happen to me. I’m as fit as a fiddle’ – and the next thing you know, you are laid low because accidents and sometimes quite severe illnesses. These unfortunately happen to even the fittest of persons – quite without warning.

It may depend on what type of Surveyor you are but in the main most would assume that you spend a lot of your day on the road or on site visits.

Clocking up the miles in your car, being in and around construction sites or just generally being out in the elements - all these increase your likelihood and risks of accident and illnesses. 

Being mobile can form a vast majority of your working life regardless of what you are surveying.

When we surveyed our customers recently it was abundantly clear that a lot of individuals across the board in all walks of life had not taken stock of their situation and thought about income protection.

In fact a lot of our customers were not even aware that Income Protection existed.

How many times recently have you considered what would happen if you were not able to work due to an accident or Sickness? The fact you are so mobile it would not take a lot for you to be signed off work and be unable to perform your duties.

Generally most situations are not life threatening but far more mundane, the frozen shoulder or the back issue – all due to the simple fact that you have been spending too many hours in your car. What may seem like a small issue can quickly impact and then there is the pressure of getting back into work quickly as the money always starts to dry up quickly.

So if you could be secure in the knowledge that whatever happened, whatever the outcome, whether you are unable to drive or unable to climb stairs that if you took time out of work then you would not suffer financially surely that would be time and money well spent.

Making sure that some income is coming into the household to cover your bills would give you the  time to recover from your injury or illness in a timely fashion without rushing back into work    early. 

Income Protection is so flexible that any situation that results you in loss of income due to accident or sickness is covered. You can cover from Day 1, regardless of whether you are self-employedor employed, Zero hour contracts or a full time employment contract, not being able to provide income verification, only been working a week, have medical conditions, work abroad a lot, work at heights, work underground the list is endless and YES there is a solution for all these scenarios. 

Like you are a specialist in your area, So is Best Insurance in Income Protection Insurance – it’s what we do day in day out

We do care, and yes of course we earn money, but we earn our money same way as you do. By going that extra mile, having the product knowledge, the experience to solve the issues, the confidence to be straight with you at every stage.

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